About Me

Hello It's JaNaya, the one behind the camera. I am a 30 year old born in Colorado and raised in Texas.

I am fun, outgoing, love meeting new people. That's what makes being a photographer so great.

I'm a Military wife, being a military wife gives me the advantage to travel to many new places.

When I'm not taking pictures I'm taking care of my three little ones, I have two daughters and a son.

I love capturing moments that you can have forever framed on your wall or put into a memory box to pass onto your family, I really believe photos are the greatest memory to have.

I have loved being behind the camera since I was little and to continue what I love has made my dreams come to a great accomplishment for me. I created Fatally Unique Photography and built myself up.

Worked with many families, went from working with only families to going bigger and working with models. That's when I accomplished more than I ever thought I would.

I got published in over 20 magazines and made cover twice. Which was the greatest accomplishment for me to be noticed enough with my work to be published.

I can't wait to work with you on capturing your lifetime moments.



katie & Ty

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"We love every session that we have done with her, she makes us laugh and come out of our shell. which gives us the best photos we can ask for"

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